"Honey Trap" Exhibition at the Front

Nurhan's work in on view for Honey Trap, a group show at the Front. New Orleans has been likened to an untamable beast. They say “be careful, or she’ll swallow you whole… and if you’re lucky, she’ll spit you back out alive.” Equally alluring as it is conflicted, it is a place that feels both fully alive and near to death. New Orleans is a honey trap. Similarly, visual art can draw you in while at the same time forcing you to take a step back. It is a game of visual and mental tug of war, push-and-pull, attraction and repulsion. While color, shape, texture, and material may provoke an initial, visceral reaction, artworks can also hint at larger truths. Honey Trap is both an expression of a complex relationship with place as well as a meditation on the mental and perceptual courtship that is at the heart of experiencing art.