NOMA CART/White House Heroes

New Orleans Museum of Art hosts Puerto Rican-American artist Carlos Rolón’s exhibition Outside/In, exploring the rich connections between New Orleans, Latin America, and the Caribbean through allusions to each region's natural and built environments. A central component of this exhibition is Rolón’s Nomadic Habitat (Hustleman), a mobile cart inspired by the street vendors of New Orleans and the Caribbean that speaks to themes of class, commerce, immigration and survival. The cart is activated by local artist collectives and community partner organizations on select days throughout the run of the exhibition.

The current incarnation of Nomadic Habitat (Hustleman) is organized by members of The Front, whose activation You Want a Piece of Me fills the cart with artworks that will be offered to museum visitors in exchange for their own personal effects and stories. Containing a raucous mixture of objects both sacred and profane, the project speaks to the role of desire, mysticism and sacrifice at the heart of artistic exchange. Ranging from exquisite crystalline sculptures filled with drops of the artist’s blood, to performances that invite museum visitors to engage directly with the artists themselves,You Want a Piece of Me presents a series of talismanic art objects that ask how much of the artist remains in the artworks we purchase and visually consume.

White House Heroes are action figures of the former White House Administration. The figurines are exchanged for a 150 word news release of fake or future news during the activation of the Hustleman Cart.

White House Heroes - Action Figures - Collect the Entire Administration!

NOMA CART/White House Heroes



Appropriated figurines and packaging, paint


2 x 1 x 1 Inches each

© 2022 Nurhan Gokturk 

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